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Supreme Personality of Godhead

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Sri Nabadwip Dham, Samadhi-mandir class
15 June 2015


[His Divine Grace is reading from Sri Chaitanya-charitamrita, Madhya-lila, chapter 20:]

Mahaprabhu told what the symptom of the Lord in the age of Kali is,

krsna-varnam tvisakrsnam
yajnaih sankirtana-prayair
yajanti hi su-medhasah

"Those of sharp intellect will worship Krishna who appears with a non-black bodily hue, who is armed and surrounded by His associates and servants, and who always chants the Holy Names." [342]

Krishna came in this Age of Kali, but He changed His colour—He took Radharani's colour (pita-varna, golden). Radha-Krishna's combined form appeared as Gauranga Mahaprabhu, and what does He do?

[কলি-যুগে] সাধু পাওয়া কষ্ট বড় জীবের জানিয়া ।

সাধুগুরুরূপে কৃষ্ণ আইল নদীয়া ॥

[ei kali-yuge] sadhu paoya kasta bada jivera janiya
sadhu-bhakta-rupe krsna aila nadiya

Understanding that [in this Kali-yuga] it is very difficult for a soul to find a sadhu, Krishna came to Nadia in the form of a pure devotee.

Sri Sri Prema-vivarta, 7.8

It is very difficult to get a real Guru in Kali-yuga, that is why Krishna Himself comes as a Guru, and the Guru's duty is to teach the conditioned souls the real religion of Kali-yuga. Krishna Himself came to teach us that.

pita-varna, karya—prema-dana-sankirtana

He is of golden colour, and He comes to distribute love and chant the Holy Names of the Lord. [364]

'Prema-dana': He gives love and affection. Krishna's Pastimes are madhurya-lila and Mahaprabhu's Pastimes are audarya-lila ('udar' means 'open heart'—the heart is open, not closed).

Sanatan Goswami always asked Mahaprabhu, "Prabhu, what has happened? Tell me who the Lord in this Age of Kali is! You say that Krishna will come in this Age of Kali, and You have already told me what the symptom of the Lord are. You say that He will chant, dance, and His colour is pita-varna (golden), and You have told me also what is written in the scriptures, but I think He has already come. Tell me, who is He? Who is the Lord?" Sanatan wanted to hear it from Mahaprabhu Himself, but Mahaprabhu is very clever, He never said, "I am Bhagavan."

prabhu kahe,—chaturali chhada, sanatana
saktyavesavatarera suna vivarana

The Lord said, "Sanatana, do not be so clever. Now just listen to the description of the saktyavesa-avatars. [366]

jiva-rupa 'brahmara' avesavatara-nama

"Among the saktyavesa-avataras (empowered incarnations of the Lord), there are also the souls who are empowered to act as Lord Brahma. [369-370]

Mahaprabhu spoke about Krishna's Pastimes, about saktyavesa avatars, and about the different kinds of avatars.

putana-vadhadi yata lila ksane ksane
saba lila nitya prakata kare anukrame

"At times Krishna shows His different Pastimes, such as the killing of Putana. Appearing one after another, all His Pastimes are eternal. [381]

ananta brahmanda, tara nahika ganana
kona lila kona brahmande haya prakatana

"There is an unlimited, countless number of universes, and one or another Pastime of the Lord appears in one or another universe. [382]

ei-mata saba lila—yena ganga-dhara
se-se lila prakata kare vrajendra-kumara

"In this way all Pastimes of the Lord are like the flow of the Ganges, they are manifested by the son of Nanda Maharaja." [383]

Krishna's Pastimes in the Dvapar-yuga are very different—He did so many things. There are so many Pastimes in His childhood, in Dvaraka, Mathura, Gokula, Mahavan, etc.

Ei Krsna Vraje purnatama Bhagavan: when this Krishna is in Vraja, He is the fullest form of Lord (purnatama). There are many Gods, many avatars—Nrisimha avatar, Vamana avatar, Matsya avatar, Kurma avatar, Varaha avatar, Rama avatar, etc.—what makes Krishna different from Them? Krishna's madhurya-lila is the condensed form of all Pastimes. For example, Krishna's Pastimes are not possible in Treta-yuga in Rama avatar—they are only possible in Dvapar-yuga.

ei krsna—vraje 'purnatama' bhagavan
ara saba svarupa—'purnatara' 'purna' nama

"When in Vrindavan, this Krishna is the most complete Supreme Personality of Godhead. All His other forms are either complete and more complete. [402]

sanksepe kahilun krsnera svarupa-vichara
'ananta' kahite nare ihara vistara

"I have told you briefly about Krishna's various forms. Even Lord Ananta is not able to describe this matter in full scope. [403]

ananta svarupa krsnera nahika ganana
sakha-chandra-nyaye kari dig-darasana

"It is impossible to count all the innumerable forms of Krishna. What I have described is like trying to see the moon through the branches of a tree—you can only get a partial view." [404]

Krishna is purnatama (the most complete, the fullest), His other forms are more complete, purnatara, or just complete, purna (positive, comparative, superlative). Ei Krsna Vraje purnatama Bhagavan.

There are santa-, dasya-, sakhya-, vatsalya-, and madhurya-rasa. In sakhya-rasa, service in the mood of friendship, Krishna has many friends (Sudam, Sridam, Vasudam, and others), but in Rama-lila, for example, where there is mostly santa-rasa, neutrality, sakhya-rasa, friendship, vatsalya-rasa, parenthood, and dasya-rasa, servitude, Rama had only one servitor in dasya-rasa (Hanuman), and in vatsalya-rasa, King Dasarath sent his son Ramachandra to the forest for fourteen years—some affection in there, but it is internal, not shown externally.

When King Dasaratha was very sick, his wife Kaikeyi served him so much that later the king said she could ask him for any boon she wanted. Kaikeyi had a very clever servant, Manthara, who told her not to ask for the boon at that time but wait for some better time. Then, it was announced that Ramachandra was going to be the king, and at that time Kaikeyi asked for her boon. She said, "My boon will be that your Ramachandra will go to the forest, and my son, Bharath, will be the king." (Bharath then became the king, and this is why now India's name is Bharath.) Dasaratha had promised her a boon, so he had to send his son Ramachandra into exile.

So, in Rama-lila there is no real vatsalya-rasa, and there is also no madhurya-rasa, paramour love. Ramachandra had only one wife, Sita, but He sent her into fire to check whether she was chaste or not. There is no paramour love there. However, everything exists in Krishna-lila, that is why Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, He is purnatama Bhagavan, whereas Ramachandra and others are not—that is why we always serve Lord Krishna.




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