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Spontaneous Loving Devotion

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
24 June 2015


[His Divine Grace is reading from Sri Chaitanya-charitamrita, Madhya-lila, chapter 22:]

kama tyaji' krsna bhaje sastra-ajna mani'
deva-rsi-pitradikera kabhu nahe rni

"Those who worship Krishna abandoning all material desires and following the order of the scriptures, never have any debt to the demigods, sages, forefathers, and others." [135]

You drink water, and that water comes from a demigod; you breathe air, and that air is also given by a demigod; you take sunlight, it is another demigod; the rain comes from a demigod; you take rice, take chapati and incur debt from the soil, Kurmadev—you have so many debts, but how will you repay the debt? Do you have 'money' for that? You take air, you take sunlight, you take rice, but do you have 'money' for that? It is said here, "If you serve Krishna, that loan will be repaid: deva-rsi-pitradikera kabhu nahe rni." You are indebted not only the demigods, for example, your grandfather or father make a house—you live in that house and become indebted to them. If you serve the Lord, that debt is also automatically repaid.

vidhi-dharma chhadi' bhaje krsnera charana
nisiddha papachare tara kabhu nahe mana

"If, giving up vidhi-dharma (following the rules of varnasrama), you worship the lotus feet of Krishna, then if you do something sinful or forbidden in the course of your service, it will be overlooked." [137]

If somebody is Krishna's devotee, somebody is serving Krishna and unconsciously commits a little sin, Krishna says it is not necessary for them to atone for that. If somebody is doing some service and does something wrong, makes some aparadh or mistake, it is not necessary for them to atone for that because they are servitors of the Lord. Prabhupad Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakur said to Srila Sridhar Dev-Goswami Maharaj, "শরণাগত কখন অপরাধ হয়ে না, saranagata kokhon aparadh haye na: if you are a surrendered soul, you have no offence." If somebody unconsciously commits some sin, Krishna makes them pure, He does not make them atone for their sin, it is not necessary.

jnana-vairagyadi—bhaktira kabhu nahe 'anga'
ahimsa-yama-niyamadi bule krsna-bhakta-sanga

"Knowledge (jnana), renunciation (vairagya) and other practices are never a part of devotion. Actually, the practices of austerities and yoga (ahimsa, yama, niyama, etc.) always tag along with the devotees of Krishna." [140]

Somebody practises renunciation and goes to the jungle, thinking this is devotion, but it is not so. You do not eat anything, only practise jnana and vairagya and think, "I have so much service here, so many problems, I do not want to stay here, I will go somewhere like Rishikesh, Nepal, or Darjeeling," but your belly will go with you—you will still be hungry there. What will you eat? You will eat something one day and the next day eat nothing, eventually you will become sick and lose your brain, lose your knowledge (jnan), and die. If you die, how will you conquer maya? Do you think you can conquer maya by dying? No. Do service here, then maya will run away.

Some think, "There are so many problems here, I would rather stay alone." For example, some sannyasis live on their own because if you live in a temple, you must follow many rules and regulations—wake up early, come to the mangal arati, come to the regular classes, come to the kirtan, and so on; but if you live alone, it is not necessary to follow anything—nobody sees what you are doing. However, living in some house, eating well and not practising, not doing sadhu-sanga does not make you a Vaishnav.

vaidhi-bhakti-sadhanera kahilun vivarana
raganuga-bhaktira laksana suna, sanatana

"Sanatan, I have described the practices of devotion guided by rules and regulations (vaidhi-bhakti) to you, now hear about the signs of devotion guided by spontaneous love and affection (raganuga-bhakti)." [143]

ragatmika-bhakti—'mukhya' vraja-vasi-jane
tara anugata bhaktira 'raganuga'-name

"Spontaneous love is predominant among the inhabitants of Vraja. When one follows the devotion of those Vraja-vasis, their devotion is called 'raganuga' devotion." [144]

iste 'gadha-trsna'—ragera svarupa-laksana
iste 'avistata'—ei tatastha-laksana

"The very nature of such love is deep attachment to the object of their love, and its marginal characteristic is absorption in the object of their love." [146]

ragamayi-bhaktira haya 'ragatmika' nama
taha suni' lubdha haya kona bhagyavan

"Devotion that is guided by deep innate love is called spontaneous loving devotion. If a fortunate soul hears about it, they become captivated by it." [147]

bahya, antara,—ihara dui ta' sadhana
'bahye' sadhaka-dehe kare sravana-kirtana
'mane' nija-siddha-deha kariya bhavana
ratri-dine kare vraje krsnera sevana

"There are two ways that such devotion is practised, external and internal. Externally, in their practitioner's body, raganuga devotees do sravan and kirtan, and in their mind, in their self-realised spiritual bodies, they day and night think and serve Krishna in Vraja." [151-152]

nijabhista krsna-prestha pachhe ta' lagiya
nirantara seva kare antarmana hana

"They feel naturally attracted to the dearmost of Krishna and always serve Her in their minds." [154]

ei mata kare yeba raganuga-bhakti
krsnera charane tanra upajaya 'priti'

"When one practises raganuga-bhakti (spontaneous loving devotion) in this way, love for the lotus feet of Krishna awakens in them." [159]

prity-ankure 'rati', 'bhava'—haya dui nama
yaha haite vasa hana sri-bhagavan
yaha haite pai krsnera prema-sevana
ei ta' kahilun 'abhidheya'-vivarana

"The seed of that love has two names, attachment (rati) and heart feeling (bhava). Those who have that seed, have the Supreme Lord under their control and they get loving service to Krishna. Thus I have described to you the abhidheya, the means to attain the end." [160-161]

abhidheya, sadhana-bhakti ebe kahilun sanatana
sanksepe kahilun, vistara na yaya varnana

"Sanatan, I have described to you the abhidheya and sadhana-bhakti, the means to the end and the devotional practices. I have only told it to you in brief as there is no end to describing it." [162]

abhidheya sadhana-bhakti sune yei jana
achirat paya sei krsna-prema-dhana

"Those who hear about the devotional practices and the means to achieve the end, very soon attain the treasure of Krishna-prema, love for Krishna." [163]

sri-rupa-raghunatha-pade yara asa
chaitanya-charitamrta kahe krsnadasa

"Always desiring the lotus feet of Sri Rupa and Raghunath, Krishna Das is narrating this Chaitanya-charitamrita." [164]



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Mission of Chaitanya Saraswat Math
'Devotees of Chaitanya Saraswat Math come to remind you that you are a servant of the Lord. Here, we chant the maha-mantra and do service, and when we do something, we do not do it for our own enjoyment, we do everything for the satisfaction of the Lord.'


Gurudev! krpa-bindu diya
'When will this soul attain such mercy and become fulfilled? I am devoid of ability and intelligence, and greatly distressed. Please accept me.'
গুরুদেব! কৃপাবিন্দু দিয়া

For the service to your Guru, you can make an offence, but for your own enjoyment
you cannot make any offence.