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Sanatan-Siksa: Maya's Family

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Sri Nabadwip Dham, Samadhi-mandir class
15 June 2015


[His Divine Grace is reading from Sri Chaitanya-charitamrita, Madhya-lila, chapter 22:]

Now we are reading about what abhidheya is.

jaya jaya gaurachandra jaya nityananda
jayadvaita-chandra jaya gaura-bhakta-vrnda

All glories to Gaurachandra, all glories to Nityananda! All glories to Advaita-chandra and the devotees of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu! [2]

Mahaprabhu says, "Eita kahilun sambandha-tattvera: I have just told you what sambandha, the relationship with the Lord, is." How to get that relationship? You must tie Him. Tie with what? With devotion. How to get devotion? Through practising. And how to practise? That you can read here, in chapter 22.

ebe kahi, suna, abhidheya-laksana
yaha haite pai—krsna, krsna-prema-dhana

Sanatan, now I will tell you the characteristics of abhidheya, the means to attain the goal—to attain Krishna and the wealth of love to Krishna. [4]

krsna-bhakti—abhidheya, sarva-sastre kaya
ataeva muni-gana kariyachhe nischaya

All scriptures say that the way to establish a relationship with Krishna is through devotion to Krishna, and it has been affirmed by all saints. [5]

advaya-jnana-tattva krsna—svayam bhagavan
'svarupa-sakti' rupe tanra haya avasthana

Krishna, the nondual Absolute Truth, is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Everything that exists, is as an expansion of His own potencies. [7]

svamsa-vibhinnamsa-rupe hana vistara
ananta vaikuntha-brahmande karena vihara

He expands Himself into personal (svamsa) and separated (vibhinnamsa) expansions and performs His Pastimes in the innumerable spiritual and material worlds. [8]

svamsa-vistara—chatur-vyuha, avatara-gana
vibhinnamsa jiva—tanra saktite ganana

His personal (svamsa) expansions are his quadruple forms (Sankarsan, Pradyumna, Aniruddha, Vasudev), and various incarnations (Nrisimha, Vamana, Varaha, and others). His separated (vibhinnamsa) expansions are jivas, the living entities—they too are a part of Krishna's potency. [9]

sei vibhinnamsa jiva—dui ta' prakara
eka—'nitya-mukta', eka—'nitya-samsara'

There are two kinds of jivas, or the separated expansions of Krishna. One is nitya-mukta, eternally liberated, and the other one is nitya-samsara, eternally conditioned. [10]

'nitya-mukta'—nitya krsna-charane unmukha
'krsna-parisada' nama, bhunje seva-sukha

The eternally liberated soul are eternally drawn to the lotus feet of Krishna. They are known as associates of Krishna and relish the joy of service. [11]

'nitya-baddha'—krsna haite nitya-bahirmukha
'nitya-samsara', bhunje narakadi duhkha

The eternally conditioned souls are eternally averse to Krishna. They enter eternal material life and relish all sorts of hellish suffering. [12]

The baddha jivas—the conditioned, or fallen, souls—have forgotten Krishna and as a result always get so many austerities: austerities from the mind, austerities from the body, and austerities from others.

Those who are bound by maya, always turn away from Krishna (nitya bahirmukha). They do not remember Krishna and suffer in hell. Where is hell? Hell is here—everything is here, you can see it for yourself. You can go to the toilet and see there are so many insects there eating stool; if you go to a cow dung place you will see so many different kinds of insects there; if you go to the drain, you will see different kinds of insects there too; if you go to a pond, there too you will find so many insects. They are suffering so much, but they think they are happy. They do not realise it, but we can see that they are suffering—if somebody puts you inside cow dung, how long will you be able to tolerate it? That is hell.

"'Nitya-samsara', bhunje narakadi duhkha": these averse souls join an eternal family of Maya. Those who join Maya's family always suffer, always get austerity; and those who join Krishna's family always get joy, pleasure.

Forgetting Krishna, the souls keep on coming and going—they get a goat's body, a cow's body, a cat's body, an insect's body, and so on.

sei dose maya-pisachi danda kare tare
adhyatmikadi tapa-traya tare jari' mare

Because of this offence, Maya the Witch punishes them. The enforced on them threefold miseries (caused by their bodies, nature, and other souls) are excruciating. [13]

Tri-tap-jara, there are three kinds of austerity: adhibhautik (আধিভৌতিক), adhidaivik (আধিদৈবিক), and adhyatmik (আধ্যাত্মিক). Adhidaivik are the austerities that are coming from the demigods (earthquakes, train accidents, floods, and so on). Adhibhautik are the austerities that are coming from other jiva souls (a snake eats frogs, a cow eats grass, man eats many other souls, and so on). Adhyatmik are the austerities that are coming from the body and mind (there are many kinds of diseases and mental problems).

The other day it was written in the newspaper about one man. He is a very big engineer, has a lot of money, but how much mental problem does he have? His father died a few days ago—burnt himself alive in the house. Before that, his sister did yoga asan, did not eat anything for six months and died. He thinks man does not die—he thinks even when the soul leaves, the body continues to live. So, you know what he did? That man slept in the room with the dead body of his sister and their two dogs for over six months! He had so much affection to his sister that he decided to keep her body—and he actually gave food to that body.

The girl died in December, and only a few days ago the police found out about it. This is not legal in India—you cannot keep a dead body like this. He lives in a very big house, and nobody outside knew about it—he made his room air-tight so that no bad smell came out and nobody would know; and he lived there.

Now the man is in mental hospital, and the police is investigating the death of the girl. They asked the man,

"Are you not afraid of a dead body?"

"No, we are coming from the same womb, she is my sister. Why should I be afraid of her?"

"But you are sleeping with that dead body in the room, did you not get any bad smell?"

"No, why would I get bad smell? She is my sister!"

Then you can understand how much austerity jiva souls suffer.

kama-krodhera dasa hana tara lathi khaya
bhramite bhramite yadi sadhu-vaidya paya

They become slaves of lust and anger and get kicked around by them. In this way, they wander throughout the universe until they get the help of a sadhu, the "physician". [14]

They become servants of lust, anger, greed, and they are kicked by them so much—they get so much austerity, but still they do not want to leave it, still they do not come to Krishna consciousness. They think that is all right, they are very happy. How will they then get rescued?

"Bhramite bhramite yadi sadhu-vaidya paya": they are coming and going, coming and going, and somehow they get some good sadhu association. When they get good association, when they hear that sadhu's lecture, gradually they come to consciousness. They begin to wonder, "What am I born for in this world? What do we get this human body for? What did I get these eyes for? What did I get these ears for? What is my duty? Is it only eating, sleeping and enjoying? A dog does the same things as I am doing, what is then this life for?" First we must understand the difference between a human body and a dog, then understand what our duty is. Our duty is, "I must think about Krishna—I must serve Krishna, serve His devotee."




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